While our eyes were on Ireland, parliament voted for a power grab | Autonomy Scotland

While our eyes were on Ireland, parliament voted for a power grab

With all the commotion yesterday surrounding the Irish Border, you may have missed the vote in parliament on amendment 42 of the EU(Withdrawal) Bill.

In its current form, the withdrawal bill prevents the devolved administrations from legislating on competencies that are set to return from the EU but which aren’t currently reserved to Westminster. Labour’s amendment 42 was designed to change the withdrawal bill in order to give the administrations control of those powers.

Of course, while all eyes were on Brussels, this ammendment was defeated in Parliament by 316 votes to 292.

Unsurprisingly, the DUP, and the Scottish and Welsh Tories voted against empowering the parliaments of their own countries in favour of centralising control at Westminster.

A familiar tale if you have been paying attention to parliament in the last week or so.

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