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Whatever the result tomorrow, let’s be excellent to each other from now on

So the day is almost upon us.  It’s been a long campaign and while many people have made their firm decision, there are still a lot of people who may not have made up their minds.  To those I say read and read some more, you have little time left.  But to those who’ve made up their mind and have been campaigning to persuade others of the merits of a Yes or No I say…Be Nice.

Tomorrow, hopes and dreams will be realised and dashed for half the population either way.  But we should not let our passion, our disappointment, our feelings of failure, our ideology or group identity make us forget that we are all residents of this braw, bonnie place we call home: Scotland.  Even at the polling booths tomorrow, when tension will be high, driven by hopeful anticipation or fear of the unknown, remember that those with alternative views are your compatriots.  No amount of intimidation or hostility will ever change people’s minds at this stage.  Remember that regardless of the outcome of the vote we all have to work together in building a country we can be proud of.

And here is where I think we can be most proud.  As a nation we have a 97% voter registration with some estimates putting the voter turnout at over 80%.  This is unheard of in the modern Western world in countries where people are not forced to vote. In the past 5 years all of us have had to do our own research, find facts for ourselves, deal with topics we never before have been interested in like currency, the financial markets, democratic systems big business and much, much more.  We’ve had to take a long hard look at what makes us.  But most of all we’ve gotten involved en masse.  In modern Europe has there ever been such a people energised by the possibility of change?

So I say, tomorrow be nice as we all have to work together afterwards.  Regardless of the outcome, we should put aside our differences and turn the same passion that has engulfed us and divided us over the past few years and let it unite us in a common goal:  to via democracy make whichever country we will be a part of better, fairer, more compassionate and less corrupt.  I for one am for a Yes vote, as I think we can make a bigger difference.  But regardless of the outcome I will work hard to make Scotland, this island and the world a better place.

From all of us here at Autonomy Scotland, vote with your head then your heart, but hopefully both are aligned. See you in a new world either way!

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