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UKGOV just spent £50K of taxpayers’ money lying to Scotland about trade

We have talked about this UK Government trade propaganda video before.

One of the things we pointed out about the video is that it states as fact things that are patently not facts. Here is a screen-grab from out previous blog on the issue.

Thanks to a Freedom Of Information Request by Discourse Scotland we have learned the the UK Government has spent nearly £50,000 spreading the trade figures as fact.

Excerpt from FOI.


So the UK Government method of educating what they see as an ignorant public is to spend a lot of tax-payers’ money spreading what is essentially Fake News.

As we have said many times before we need to tackle the issue of trade between an independent Scotland and the the rest of the UK. It is an important part of the independence debate. However, it needs to be done in an honest and informative way. This video is just over-simplistic propaganda based on poor data.

We have no doubt that both the UK and Scotland trade a lot with each other and that this trade will continue at a high level after independence. You just need to look at what Theresa May is telling Ireland to understand this.

Independence would also open up new trade opportunities for an independent Scotland to explore. You just need to look at the companies looking to move from the UK to other EU locations post-Brexit to understand this.

This social media campaign is just one example of how much the pro-union misinformation campaign is costing the taxpayer. I imagine it is just the tip of the iceberg. Scotland deserves a more grown-up debate and a better use of tax-payers’ money.

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6 years ago

Hate to do it but to take BoJo’s line of thinking, Businesses buy on price and quality. They are buying from Scotland on those terms, WHY SHOULD BUSINESSES CHANGE. Will they buy Scottish goods after Indy, most probably, that is of course dependant upon whether Scotland elects to rejoin the EU and if that is yes then a trade deal needs to be negotiated. Isn’t that what May is supposed to be doing now. Oh yes she’s having an election. If you look at from a Tory view, there’s a whole world of markets out there, open your eyes to… Read more »

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