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UKGOV responds to Brexit reports(including its own) with nonsense

A few weeks ago, when the Scottish Government published a report detailing how Scotland will be worse off under all Brexit scenarios, the UK Government was quick to cast aspersions upon it.

The Prime Minister and the Scottish Secretary were quick to release very similar sounding statements.

May on Scotgov Report.


Mundell on Scotgov Report.

Today it turns out that, when they were making these statements, they were probably in possession of their own report. A report that sent them a similar damning message about Brexit.


Funnily enough, if you look at the Government response to the leaked document and the Government response to the Scottish paper, they are very similar.

UKGOV response to own report.

They don’t really deny the figures are bad, what they do is say that the figures are irrelevant, because they tell us that they intend to negotiate a bespoke deal. In all my years following politics, I have never witnessed a political statement so easily debunkable that carries with it such grave consequences.

We have discussed numerous times on this blog why even gaining Single Market access, the best case scenario in these reports, is really unlikely. So I won’t bore you with that argument again.

The idea that there is going to be a super-duper deal available that is better than that, doesn’t take a whole blog to blow out of the water. It can be torpedoed in one simple sentence.

The EU is not going to incentivise its own demise by offering a departing country a better deal than the one it currently has.

So, the UK Government’s response to the warnings contained in numerous reports is a complete fantasy. One so brittle that they are essentially admitting that they think Brexit is going to be bad for the country but they are going to do it anyway.

Is this really what ‘taking back control’ actually looks like in practice?

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