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Tweaked Version of Better Together Letter By Sophie 19, Student .

Better together have been sending out letters to people from Sophie 19, student. The letter is slightly misleading as it doesn’t mention that she is a Young Conservative and a Better Together activist but I guess that doesn’t really matter too much if this is what she feels. Such is the weakness of the argument; you don’t have to change much in the letter to create an argument for yes. There is a copy of the original letter here  pinched from Bellacaledonia. Here is the slightly tweaked version. Which one resonates with you more?

Dear Scotland,

This September in the Independence Referendum, we all face a massive decision. Do we vote to look after our own affairs or do we take a leap into the unknown and remain part of the UK. If we do choose to stay there will be no going forward. That is a pretty daunting prospect.

I will be Voting Yes in the referendum and I wanted to tell you why.

All of my life I have been asked to think small. I have been told to think about all of the things I can’t achieve, all of the things I can’t do with my life. My parents and teachers have always told me that I shouldn’t get ideas above my station. The only person telling me to go against this and to think bigger is Alex Salmond.

I love Scotland and love living here and my world goes beyond our Borders. The world is changing. We are more connected than ever and we should be doing everything we can do to break down borders.

I think the Unionists have been blinded by their desire to keep the UK together. Why else would they refuse to acknowledge that there are risks involved in staying together? They tell us that everything will be amazing and there will be no down sides. Have they seen the UK National Debt Clock and poverty figures? Do they know we have the second worst pensions in the OECD and high income inequality? I really don’t fancy the future prospect of having to pay tuition fees and being crippled by debt before my working life begins.

Being part of the UK offers poor security and too few opportunities for young people like me. If we vote for Independence, our friends and families wouldn’t have to leave us to find work as we would be able to make economic changes to attract better quality jobs to Scotland. Voting No means walking away to find jobs and possibly walking away from the EU due to the rise of UKIP.

I believe that with a Yes vote in September, we can have the best of both worlds in Scotland. We can have decisions taken in our own Scottish Parliament and we can have the strength, security and stability of being part of the larger EU. Better together think we have to choose between the two, we don’t. We can have both.

I will be voting Yes in September because it is the right decision for my future and is the right decision for Scotland. I hope that you do too.

Morag, Student 19.

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