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Today’s the day to post a Christmas Card to ‘Britain’s Loneliest Schoolboy’

A few weeks ago there was a story in the Telegraph about Aron Anderson. He is a ten year old boy who lives on the remote island of Outer Skerries. He is the only child in his School and was described in the article as ‘Britain’s loneliest Schoolboy’.

The Telegraph piece advises:

As the only school-age child on the island Aron’s best friends are his dog, some ducks and flocks of sheep.

This story touched one of the moderators on the social sharing website Reddit Scotland who came up with the idea of encouraging Redditors to send Aron a card. The mod contacted the boy’s School in order to arrange this. The School will receive the cards on the Aron’s behalf. Reddit Scotland can sometimes be a harsh and argumentative place, however when the appeal was posted it met with universal approval and quickly became the most popular post in the pages history. The appeal spread onto national media and across the internet. As things stand it looks like Aron is going to receive thousands of cards, postcards and presents from all over the world.

Today is the day that people are urged to post their cards. So, it’s not too late to get involved and help to spread a little festive cheer. The address to send a card to is:

Mr Aron Anderson

c/o Skerries School
East Isle
Out Skerries

Hope you all participate. Check out the original Reddit post for more details.

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