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The Scottish Tories vote against Scotland again

The EU(Withdrawal) Bill has really shown the Scottish Tories in their true light.

Time and time again they have voted against amendments that would have protected the Scottish Parliament from the worst excesses of the bill. Mostly, amendments designed to stop the attempt by Westminster to grab powers that should automatically default to Scotland as we leave the EU.

Not surprisingly then, yesterday they did it again.

As you are probably aware, and as we have covered a few times before, the Withdrawal Bill allows UK minister to alter law at executive level without scrutiny.

Basically, it allows MPs to change things that would otherwise have to go through the normal parliamentary process.

This amendment would have prevented them from being able to do so with regards to the Acts of Parliament that oversee Scottish and Welsh devolution. If the amendment had been successful, a consensus would have to have been sought in order to change the Scotland Act 1998 or the Government of Wales Act 2006.

Now this has been voted down, government ministers have the power to change these important statutes without oversight. That really gives you an insight as to how seriously devolution is viewed by the people that promised us the world in the dying days of the 2014 referendum.

All Scottish MPs voted to protect the Scotland Act except for, you guessed it, the Tories.

  • All 35 SNP voted for the amendment
  • All 7 Scottish Labour voted for the amendment
  • All 4 Scottish Lib Dems voted for the amendment
  • All 13 Scottish Tories voted against the amendment

Which I guess is hardly surprising given that, only last week, their leader essentially admitted she would rather Scotland was subjected to a disastrous Brexit, than even consider the prospect of a separate deal. This despite the fact that, in the EU referendum, Scotland clearly voted for something completely different to what is being forced on us.

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andrew waugh
andrew waugh
6 years ago

Once again the English goriest seek to subjugate the world once again staring with the Scots Scotland dos not need to build a wall the Scottish people are the wall

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