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The news that made Mundell and Murray turn Green

The news that the Scottish Greens will only stand in 3 seats must have made Mundell and Murray turn green with fear.

They both won with pretty narrow majorities last time and, as is likely, if most of the 2015 Green voters switch to the SNP, those majorities now look even more precarious.

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Let’s have a look at some 2015 results.

DAVID MUNDELL won the Dumfriesshire Clydesdale & Tweeddale constituency by a measly 798 votes. However the Green vote in 2015 was greater than that at 839.

IAN MURRAY won Edinburgh South by 2,637 votes but the Green vote was 2,090. This alone makes his seat precarious but when you factor in the certainty that some Labour voters will switch to the Tories, Murray is unlikely to regain his seat.

So squeaky bum time for those two.

Sadly the decision by the Greens will not help to oust proven liar Alistair Carmichael as no Green candidates stood in Orkney and Shetland in 2015. Although, the decision by the SNP to stand local candidate Miriam Brett may cause him some issues.

The decision by the Scottish Greens will also help those SNP MPs who some think may be in danger.

For instance, many think that Angus Robertson may lose his seat. He won Moray in 2015 by 9,065 votes. The Greens got 1,345 votes back then and most of those will now go to the SNP giving Robertson more security.

JOHN NICOLSON who won Dunbartonshire East by 2,167 votes can count on a fair whack of the Green’s 804 votes from 2015.

The SNP seat of Edinburgh West was won by Michelle Thompson by a majority of 3,210 in 2015. Many predict this is in danger but the SNP are sure to pick up most of the Green’s 1,140 votes giving them a bit more of a cushion.

Now we can argue about the motives behind why the Greens are not standing many candidates.

Whatever the reason there is no doubt this move is going to help the SNP. Perhaps then SNP voters can bear this in mind at the next Holyrood elections when they will have a chance to return the favour?

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7 years ago

Well done to the Greens. They can’t win GE seats due to the unfair voting system. I am sure SNP supporters will view them even more favourably in future.

Charles Patrick O\'Brien
Charles Patrick O\'Brien
7 years ago

I will gladly give my vote to the Green party after 2021 as I believe that the referendum will be done and dusted and we will have a 65% majority for independence.Just the finish of the talks to do by then.

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