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The Murdo Fraser two step guide to fact checking

The Murdo Fraser two step Guide To Fact Checking

  • Think of something that sounds vaguely true based on nothing but your own silly prejudices.
  • Tweet it.

The Autonomy Scotland Guide to Murdo Fraser

This man is too smart to vote for Trump

This man is too smart to vote for Trump

One thing this yes voter learned at university was you can’t draw conclusions about any individual based on the group they belong to. So even if it were patently true that yes voters and Trump supporters were more likely to be poorly educated working class males, any given yes or Trump voter could be a high flying member of Mensa.

That’s why it would be ignorant of me to ridicule Murdo Fraser just because he is a Scottish Tory as, even though it’s hard to find much evidence to the contrary, the odd Scottish Tory may not actually be a consummate clown. No, I base my assessment that Murdo Fraser is most likely a high magnitude cretin purely on my observations of Murdo Fraser.

For starters, when one engages one’s napper like Murdo should have done before he sent his message, it becomes clear that the tweet itself is comprised of two short sharp doses of meaningless ignorance. This is a fatal error if you are attempting to assert the intellectual superiority of your no voting tribe.

IF it was mostly poorly-educated working-class males who voted Trump = I don’t know who voted for Trump.

Isn’t that the same demographic that largely voted Yes in 2014? = I don’t know who voted Yes in 2014.

His tweet, when broken down, is actually saying:

If thing I don’t know, isn’t that the same as thing I don’t know?

Post referendum Mensa event got slightly out of hand

Post referendum Mensa event got slightly out of hand

He might as well have tweeted a photo of himself wearing nothing but his pants on his head, with several stalks of rhubarb dangling from various orifices, captioned with the phrase:

I think Yes voters and Trump voters are scumbags because……..Dum-Di-Dum-Di-Dum……….Da-di-Da-Di-Da………I can’t hear you due to the rhubarb in my ears……..

It would have played just as favourably with his zoomer followers and would have had no more a detrimental effect on how the casual observer might interpret his competencies.

I sympathise with Murdo Fraser, burdened as he is by the incumbrance of a gargantuan prefrontal cortex unable to focus on anything other than the wads of cash his no voting brain has accumulated for him. He was probably aware that he could have checked his assertions quickly, but the cybernat ridden, simpleton catacombs of cyberspace are no safe place for an intellectual heavyweight Scottish Tory to linger.

So, let’s have a swatch for him, shall we?

Evidence that Murdo didn't check

So, the working classes voted for Clinton?

IF it was mostly poorly educated working-class males who voted Trump

Unfortunately, for rich, male, middle-aged, white Church of Scotland Conservative Mr Fraser, the exit polls suggest that any well paid, 50 something, masculine Caucasoid Christian Tory who voted for anyone other than Trump, probably did so accidentally. Most likely on account of being hamstrung by a combination of stupidity, sexism and rage.

As for his assertions, lower income groups voted for Hillary while higher income groups voted for Trump. While it is true that those with post-grad degrees were more likely to vote for Hillary, college educated white people were majority Trump supporters.

Isn’t that the same demographic that largely voted Yes in 2014?

Wait, so people with degrees were more likely to vote Yes than those without?

Wait, so people with degrees were more likely to vote yes than those without?

Again, according to the Scottish Election study and the Ashcroft exit polling, we see a high correlation between being a no voter and being a middle aged protestant Tory.

As for his assertions, people with degrees were more likely to vote yes than people without. As for income, there was no significant difference above £30,000 a year. The least likely group to vote yes were in the bracket below which will have included many people who are working class.

So, we can fairly conclude that Murdo Fraser is a boorish windbag who is willing to blurt out any unsubstantiated drivel in order to get attention on social media. This, my friends, is what intellectually well hung, superiorly remunerated no-voting types know as ironic. For it is exactly the key trait espoused by the presidential candidate that Fraser would most likely have voted for given a fair reading of the demographics.

Not only would he probably support Trump, he also acts like him.

His white God fearing middle-aged monarchy exalting conservatism screams no voting Trump voter. Much more than working class, low income, screams yes voting Trump supporter. Although, as I said earlier, it’s daft to judge a guy based on the group they belong to as that is what eejits do. Let’s just judge him on him being a purveyor of unsubstantiated drivel on twitter.

Check out the links to the exit polls or this wings article for a more detailed look at the voting stats.  

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