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The most important thing is to kick the Tories out.

There has been a lot of excitement recently about Jeremy Corbyn and the possibility of being able to kick the Tories out.

Though lets face it Corbyn is still an outsider to become PM. If he does make it to Downing Street most think it will be in a hung parliament.

We argued in our last blog that progressive people in most Scottish seats should stick with the SNP. We made several points to support this argument but the most simple one is that Labour can’t win most Scottish seats. It is therefore blindingly obvious that progressives supporting Labour in a seat that the Tories and the SNP are the only likely winners are inadvertently helping the Tories and Theresa May. In trying to back Corbyn they are actually hindering him by increasing the number of seats he needs to win a majority.

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This fact is not only true in Scotland. In many UK seats, a mass tactical vote for the Lib Dems is much more likely to oust Tory MPs than a vote for Corbyn’s Labour. In these seats voting Labour will again help to make Corbyn’s job more difficult.

What I’m saying isn’t true everywhere.

In some seats a vote for Labour is tactically sound, either because Labour are best placed to beat the Tories or because the Tories have no chance of winning the seat.

So, it is in the spirit of beating the Tories I have embedded this tactical voting tool. Stick in your postcode and it will tell you the most likely party to beat the Tories.

In some constituencies you can use common sense and ignore the advice. For instance in Orkney and Shetland it recommends voting for the Lib Dems, however as the Tories can’t win there I would say you might want to vote SNP instead. Especially as the Lib Dem candidate, Alistair Carmichael, lied to win last time. (The seats where a tactical vote is most likely to make a difference are listed here.)

Corbyn is an underdog who will likely need to work with other progressive parties if he is to govern.

If you really want to help him voting for him won’t always be the best option. Minimizing Tory wins and maximising progressive MPs who can work with Corbyn is the sensible approach. If this works then Corbyn will be PM and maybe he can change the voting system to stop us having to resort to this method in the future.

Stick in your postcode to start.

The widget will tell you who is most likely to beat the Tories in your area. Then you can do a bit of research to see how dangerous it would be to ignore the recommendation. In most cases you can safely vote for your preferred party but in some places your vote will have a strong chance of inadvertently helping the Tories.

Visit here for more info. 

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5 years ago

So, let’s imagine that the so called ‘Tories’ were kicked out who would take their place? Labour? Didn’t they spend 13 years in Government and left us with a huge budget deficit plus air pollution and a shortage of affordable homes? What about the coalition between the Tories and the Lib Dems, everyone knows what a failure that was. So, who’s left that is yet to show us if they have what it takes to Govern the nation with success? The green party or some far right party that thinks that only white British people should be allowed to live… Read more »

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