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The McCrone Report

Jose Manuel Barroso

Each day we are bombarded with messages of fear. The utterances of the elite, parroted often verbatim and without investigation by a hamstrung and ineffectual media.

It seeps into the consciousness of the Scottish people: an unfounded comment from Barroso here, a reinforcement by a supposedly neutral Andrew Marr there.

Fear has always been a powerful political tool. Here are the words of Margaret Thatcher as she set about scuppering the 1979 Devolution vote instigated by her own party.

We have been through a bad patch as a country, and we are still not out of it. I refer not only to our economic difficulties. Look outwards. Look at the Far East, to the Middle-East today, to anywhere where Britain once held sway. And reflect that the world of 1979 is as dangerous and uncertain a place as ever in which to walk alone.

The type of safety and certainty she gave us is demonstrated by the following chart.

You can’t blame the Politicians for they are servants of the United Kingdom. And what is in the interest of Scotland is not necessarily in the interests of the UK as a whole; and certainly not in the interests of a Neoliberal Political Elite and their wealthy cronies.  They are the main beneficiaries of the unequal mess the United Kingdom has become.

Margaret Thatcher: Better Together.

As Thatcher delivered her warnings, there lurked in the bowels of Westminster a report. A document commissioned by Ted Heath’s Tory government and buried by Harald Wilson’s Labour, a document which contained the following quote:

Scotland’s currency “would become the hardest in Europe, with the exception perhaps of the Norwegian Kronor.” From being poorer than their southern neighbours, Scots would quite possibly become richer. Scotland would be in a position to lend heavily to England and “this situation could last for a very long time into the future.”

So concerned, it seems,  were our benevolent leaders on receiving the McCrone Report, that in order to protects us from the perils of self determination, they classified it as Secret and it only came to light after 30 years due to an anonymous tip-off and the Freedom Of Information Act 2000.

Dennis Healey:

The Labour Chancellor at the time of the 1979 referendum has recently admitted here that the value of oil was deliberately underplayed by the powers-that-be due to the fear of Scottish Nationalism. Suggesting that:

Thatcher wouldn’t have been able to carry out any of her policies without that additional 5 per cent on GDP from oil. Incredible good luck she had from that

And he says this of the current situation.

“I think they [Westminster politicians] are concerned about Scotland taking the oil, I think they are worried stiff about it. I think we would suffer enormously if the income from Scottish oil stopped but if the Scots want it [independence], they should have it and we would just need to adjust. But I would think Scotland could survive perfectly well, economically, if it was independent. Yes, I would think so… with the oil.” 

So from the horses mouth we learn the truth. The real fear is not the one manufactured by deceitful politicians and broadcast by a limp media.

The true terror is the one felt by the UK establishment. The nightmare of having a wealthy, egalitarian, social democratic country on its northern border. A Common Weal, concerned with the well-being and advancement of all in society; one that threatens the vested interests of our political and business leaders.

A dread of which is so strong, to prevent it happening they are prepared to drip feed us lies while with withholding from us the truth.

The swing towards yes shows we are beginning to see through the charade.

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June Stewart (@naramatajunebug)

Wish your titles would read differently: Scottish Independence. Are you scared yet? You should be !! Sounds like a negative message rather than a positive one. There may be some that think Scottish Independence is scary and that will drive them to a NO vote.
Just saying ……..

10 years ago

Hi June, many thanks for the comment and your interest in our site. We have been toying with the idea to change it and may indeed tone them down. The point of this series is that people should really be scared of staying in the UK. Anyone who takes the time to read the articles will realise that they are not advocating remaining part of the UK in any way. The problem is that pro-independence titles or neutral titles from pro-independence sites are often simply ignored by no voters and a proportion of undecideds. They get a lot of attention… Read more »

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