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The EU confirm again there is no barrier to Scotland joining

Let’s just put these EU myths to bed once and for all, shall we?

As we have detailed before, there is no EU queue, Scotland meets all the requirements to join the EU and no country would veto Scotland being a member.

And you don’t need to only believe pro-independence blogs anymore. A recent report published by the EU confirms all of this in one paragraph.

Myth Busting

So, I think that is pretty conclusive and from the horse’s mouth. Feel free to share this article whenever this debate is rearing its uninformed head online.

Incidentally, the report this quote comes from is about the impact of Brexit on devolution.

It’s fairly short and worth a read. It’s really just a summary of the current situation and many of you will be well aware of the issues at hand. Here is a photo of the report’s conclusions for those with limited time.

Conclusions of EU report into impact of Brexit on devolution.

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6 years ago

The clause about ‘if Scotland were to become independent by agreement with the UK’ bothers me.

On what planet do we think Westminster will agree to Scottish independence, when Scotland is sitting in all that oil? Moral and democratic arguments mean nothing to Westminster. Who will apply the pressure to them to ensure they do the ‘right thing’ by Scotland? Donald Trump? China? Ireland??

If that’s the best carrot/stick from the EU, then I fear there’s no prospect of independence until Scotland has been bled absolutely dry.

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