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The bell tolls for the Scotland/UK trade deception

Kevin Hague

Kevin Hague

Previously, we talked about how Kevin Hague was willing to portray the wider independence movement as deluded based on a very small number of examples of misinformation.

We argued that misinformation is found on both sides and that on the other side this misinformation is more likely to be reaching a wider audience via a supine mainstream media.

In fact, the main argument being used now against Scotland being independent by most mainstream politicians and much of the media is not backed by hard evidence.

It goes a bit like this.

Scotland cannot remain in the single market because Scotland is not a state. However, Scotland cannot be a State because our biggest trading partner is leaving the single market.

Of course, the first part is correct in the sense that EEA countries will only talk to other states. The UK could talk on our behalf but it won’t so that leaves independence as the only viable option.

However, the unionist mantra argues that independence would be a mistake as the country forcing us to leave the EEA and refusing to negotiate on our behalf, is also our biggest trading partner. It’s kinda like how my friend Steph won’t leave her rich husband even though he forces her to, well we won’t go into that just now.

It isn’t just the ground troops on social media either, this trade deception is frequently used by high profile people in the mainstream media and actual figures are often presented as fact in order to back up the accusation.

I have heard it from famed bareback buffalo rider and former DJ Ruth Davidson.

The UK is our biggest trading partner.

The UK is our biggest trading partner.

I have heard it from the man who was in charge of the economy for the years leading up to the credit crunch who had previously promised us ‘no more boom and bust’, Gordon Brown. 

No, really it is our biggest trading partner

I have heard it from pet food salesman and as readers of the mainstream media know him, world renowned macroeconomics expert, Kevin Hague.

No, it really is, it's our biggest trading partner

Am no joking, it’s our biggest trading partner

Therefore, I nearly choked to death on my porridge when I read the following in Wednesday’s Herald.

Caution. Might not be a credible source.

Caution. Doesn’t ride buffaloes so might not be a credible source.

Now, I know that David Bell, Professor of Economics at Stirling University, is probably considered a poor source in unionist circles. After all, he doesn’t ride buffalo, sell pet food nor has he led this country into the worst financial crisis in living memory, but his credentials must stand for something?

Especially given he is saying this because the figures we do have for exports with the rest of the UK are a guess based on a very dubious and statistically limited survey. The survey the unionists are so eager to quote carries the following disclaimer.

It really really is out biggest trading partner

Reason to be sceptical of the figures, the source tells you it’s not accurate

Pretty ironic, in a week where the unionists are patting themselves on that back on social media for supposedly exposing a mass deception in nationalist circles based on the tweets of one little read MP.

It is comforting in a way, that now the safety and surety of Union has been stripped away post-Brexit, the most oft-repeated argument against independence is unsubstantiated.

Donate a small amount for new indy media

Donate a small amount for new indy media

Please note, our argument is not that trade with UK is insubstantial, we are just wary of people presenting dubious stats as actual facts for political gain. Please check out our previous blog on UK trade for a wee bit more detail here

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