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Stop the ‘Brexiteer bastards’, by voting for the Brexiteer Bastard Party!

Stop the ‘Brexiteer bastards’, by voting for a party full of them! We will also stop indyref2, even though this election has nothing to do with that issue.

That seems to be the campaign message of the Ruth Davidson Party as reported in the Telegraph earlier. We predicted in March she was about to have a fall from grace and the way she is going, this election might prove us right.


Recently she has had some bad publicity.

She was forced to speak out in favour of the dreadful rape clause. The hard-line views of many people in her party have been reported in the media. She told us Brexit would be a disaster and now she is telling us it will be amazing.

No wonder a recent poll showed that she isn’t very popular in Scotland despite the mainstream media heralding her as the saviour of the union and a future PM.

Davidson’s logic for backing the Tories in June is astounding.

She argued that a small group of ‘Brexiteer bastards’ within the Tory party are preventing May from delivering a successful Brexit.

It allows a very small cohort of people to influence the debate in a way that might be unrepresentative of a wider Conservative party and wider mood within the country.”I think if the party is returned with a healthier majority, it gives her(Theresa May) the freedom to make decisions in the best interests of the country without having to pay a penalty in terms of people within either the Conservative Party or outwith trying to put undue pressure on her.

Let’s take her at face value for a second.

Voting for a party held hostage by bastards to avoid being ruled by bastards seems a stupid idea. I mean, what if her plan doesn’t work and we end up with another small Tory government beholden to those same Brexiteer bastards?

Actually, what am I talking about. The whole party is hoaching with Brexiteer bastards. Let’s not pretend it’s a minority fringe holding the party to ransom. From all the evidence I have seen so far the cabinet is crammed to the gunnels with nothing other than Brexiteer bastards.

I have a better idea for avoiding them.

How about doing what we suggested yesterday and voting for a party that will, at the very least be committed to keeping the UK in the European Economic Area?

Don’t be fooled by the Tories, they are not looking to silence their extreme element. They are looking to silence moderate voices who don’t want the hard-Brexit strategy the Tories are committed to. They are doing this to embolden, not eliminate, the Brexiteer bastards.

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The fact that Ruth has had to invent such an elaborate reason for voting Tory shows how weak she is on Brexit. That’s why she will try to avoid that topic at all costs for the rest of the campaign. From now on, if she has her way, the Scottish Tory strategy will revolve around a single issue.

Ruth said earlier:

You’ve got a Labour leader in Jeremy Corbyn that says he would be quite happy to let another referendum happen, the Lib Dems just aren’t strong enough…If the principle is that you want to stop the SNP’s drive for another referendum to break up our country, to go back on the decision that we all made as a country just three years ago, then we are your choice.

She hopes to do well in Scotland in the general election by turning the whole thing into a proxy independence referendum and enticing No voters to vote for her party. However, other than her low popularity she has some problems in that respect.

  • One is that this General Election has nothing to do with independence. There is already a mandate for indyref2 and nothing that happens in June can change that mandate. The mandate came from the Scottish Parliament not the one at Westminster. Same as the mandate from 2014 when the SNP had fewer MP’s than they will do in July.
  • Many people who are concerned about an independence referendum are also concerned about leaving the EU. Ruth looks like a fool on that issue and those people are not going to strengthen a Tory government hellbent on a hard-Brexit. The majority of Scots think Brexit will be a disaster and I suspect the Tories will be punished on the back instigating it.
  • Many Scottish people just will not vote Tory even if they mistakenly think it will avoid a second referendum. There are other pro-union parties they can vote for that are not quite as odious. The Tories want to make this election all about independence to force those people to vote Tory. The pro-indy parties will not be stupid enough to play along with that.

So the Tory strategy is to look silly on Europe while pointlessly banging on about independence.

If sense prevails there will be a plaque erected in Moffat in July to commemorate the last Tory MP ousted from Scotland.

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