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Where’s Fluffy?

The BBC has been trying to get a hold of Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

They want to discuss with him the leaked government forecast of Brexit’s impact on Scotland.

He has so far refused to talk to them.

So, we will just have to listen to what he told Good Morning Scotland last week, before the Scotland specific data was leaked.


So, just to clarify.

The position of the Secretary of State for Scotland seems to be that it is just a coincidence that the UK Government leak has similar dire predictions to the Scottish Government report.

He argues that the UK Government report isn’t complete because the Civil Service didn’t factor in Theresa May’s super duper special deal. For some reason, the Civil Service was charged at looking at all scenarios except for the one that Mundell thinks is going to happen.

Does he think we are all buttoned up the back?

The reason the Scottish Government’s figures are the same as the UK Governments figures, is because they are realistic and based on the likely outcomes of the negotiations.

The super duper special deal that the Civil Service forgot to look at is a complete fantasy. This is stupendously obvious, as the EU isn’t going to reward the UK for leaving, thereby incentivising other countries to do the same. The EU isn’t going to build a roadmap for its own demise.

The best we can hope for is for Single Market access, however, this has all but been ruled out due to the hard Brexiteers holding the government to ransom.

It’s about time Scotland woke up to the reality of the situation we are in.

We voted to stay in the EU. Leaving the EU is going to be bad for the economy regardless of the type of Brexit May negotiates. The government leading us out knows it is going to be bad because their own reports tell them so. Yet they try to placate us with a fantasy super duper deal.

I sometimes really wonder what it would take for a majority of Scots to wish to run their own affairs.

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