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Scottish fishermen receive ‘a pint of cold sick’

The Brexit transition deal, revealed today, contained the following bad news for Scottish fishermen.

As regards the fixing of fishing opportunities within the meaning of Article 43(3) TFEU for any period falling within the transition period, the United Kingdom shall be consulted in respect of the fishing opportunities related to the United Kingdom… the Union shall offer the opportunity to the United Kingdom to provide comments on the Commission Annual Communication on fishing opportunities.

Which basically means that the UK will be remaining inside the Common Fisheries Policy for at least the duration of the transition deal.

Which is a direct contradiction of what senior Scottish Tories and Vote Leave cheerleaders were telling the fishermen until relatively recently.

Not only that but it is exactly what we and about 1000 other publications were warning about 18 months ago.

Yet it seems to have come as a complete shock to Douglas Ross, who is a Tory MP for one of the biggest fishing communities. He has absolutely slated his own party as the following statement reveals.


But this does beg the question, what was the point of these communities voting for a Tory, when MPs like Ross are just there as lobby fodder?

Ross seems as shocked and helpless by this betrayal as the average member of the public. Wouldn’t it have been better to have returned MPs that could have actually put pressure on the government to deliver on their promises? Instead, MPs like Ross have propped them up, voted against Scotland’s interests and enabled the Government to negotiate this poor deal.

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