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Scottish Elections: Where do the parties stand on the Environment?

Yesterday we took a look at income tax. Today we have listed the main policies of each Scottish party on the environment. It should be noted that most of the parties have many policies in this area. To find out more click on the party logos.


Environmental Policy


An outright ban on fracking.

A transition to publicly owned free transport including immediate measures to improve access to cheaper travel.

A cap on landholdings, a crackdown on land owned in tax havens and a right for communities to compulsorily purchase land.




Moratorium on fracking until evidence of safety.

A new climate change act that designed to reduce emissions by 50 percent by 2020.

A mandatory register of controlling interests in landowners or tenants.

1.3 billion of funding for rural communities to offset damage caused by climate change.



For banning fracking.

Increasing investment in low carbon infrastructure.

Increasing flood defences and planning for climate change.

Moving to a circular economy where we reuse most of our waste products.




Pro fracking.

Mixed energy policy including nuclear with support for clean energy.

Energy efficiency budget to reach 10 percent of Scotland’s capital spending. To be spent on making homes energy efficient.



scottish labour

Will ban fracking in Scotland.

Will ensure that budgets, regulations and legislative programme are compatible with Scotland’s Climate Change Act.

Tackle fuel poverty through a Warm Homes Act.





Oppose fracking.

Maintain commitment to 100% of Scottish electricity to be from renewable sources.

Prioritise warm homes, renewable heat, low-carbon transport

Build low-carbon transport system through a commitment to public transport, expansion of provision for electric vehicles and active travel.


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