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Scottish Conservatives do have links with Cambridge Analytica

The Scottish Conservatives have been trying to distance themselves from having anything to do with psych-op election swindlers, Cambridge Analytica.

Not only did they send out this tweet.

Ruth Davidson also went on the offensive at FMQs, criticising Nicola Sturgeon because someone representing the SNP happened to meet with the company two years ago.

The problem with the Scottish Conservative position though is that it could only be believed by a complete and utter nincompoop.

This is for the simple reason that there is no separate entity called the Scottish Conservatives. They are a branch of the UK party as Ruth Davidson so vehemently pointed out recently when the Telegraph wrote an article suggesting the Scottish party might be about to go it alone.

And we do know that the Conservative party, which includes the Scottish branch, have had many dealings with Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL group.

It is a matter of record that the party met with Cambridge Analytica as did bungling Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. We also know that the current Conservative Government employed SCL group on a recent MOD contract.

Not only that but several senior Tories and/or major party donors are also senior board members at Cambridge Analytica/SCL group.

Not to mention the number of Conservatives who held senior positions in the official and unofficial Leave campaigns during the EU referendum.

Probably, the most damning Brexit link is that a prominent Scottish Conservative was behind the mysterious money that was channelled to the DUP in order to subvert EU referendum rules. The bulk of this money went to an obscure Canadian data company that didn’t even have a website at the time. A company that, whistle-blower Chris Wylie recently revealed, has clandestine links to Cambridge Analytica.

So, the denials from the Scottish Conservatives are not fooling anyone. The Conservatives Party is intertwined with Cambridge Analytica whether or not someone from the northern branch directly got their hands dirty.

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