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Scotland, you’re getting a cold, hard, bigoted Brexit, now eat your cereal

No longer a viable option

No longer a viable option

Before the reality of this hard bigoted Brexit emerged the Unionist message contained some degree of positivity.

Sure, we were demonised as nasty nats and there was a sense that Scotland might struggle on its own. However, we were told that the UK was a partnership of equals. That we were better off together, pooling and sharing our resources. That each of the home nations had shared sovereignty. That should we vote to stay the UK was going to become as close to a federal state as can be.

In his Saviour-of-the-Union speech Gordon Brown said:

There is now an all party agreement that they will bring in big changes after the referendum. It would mean that there would never be anything like a poll tax or a bedroom tax or rail privatisation imposed on Scotland against its will. There is a mood that too much power rests in London, but that this is about to change.

After recent events, anyone who still believes this idea of equal nations is deluded in the extreme. This hard bigoted Brexit makes a mockery of such notions.

Not only because two of our equal nations voted to remain in the EU and are going to be forced to leave it, but also in the way that this will be done. It is now clear that as a result of Brexit, thousands of devolved Scottish laws can be unilaterally scrapped by Westminster, without any Scottish knowledge or consent. Until now, the Sewel Convention has meant that the UK Parliament would not normally legislate on devolved matters without the consent of the devolved legislature. Brexit has ensured that the Sewel Convention is not worth the paper it is written on.

Labour trying to out racist the Tories.

Labour trying to out racist the Tories.

The nationalism we were told to fear in 2014 was a civic, outward looking movement. Compare that to the rhetoric emanating from the Tory conference that wouldn’t look out of place in the Weimar Republic.

We are hearing that firms must in the future keep lists of foreign workers.

There are going to be crackdowns on migrants taking jobs that Brits could do. They are gloating about kicking out foreign doctors and limiting the numbers of foreign students. We are going to opt our military out of the European convention on human rights, as well as repeal the Human Rights Act. The rights of EU nationals living here are going to be used as bargaining chips in future negotiations. It is primitive and disgusting politics being used to appease a growing xenophobia; and the response of the official opposition party is that the Tories are not being xenophobic enough.

It is clear that Scotland is a country that has no power over its own fate.

We are being dragged into the gutter by our larger neighbour who has lost her mind. We are having a hard Brexit whether you like it or not. The same type of hard Brexit the Davidsons, Dugdales and Willie Rennies of this world recently fought so hard to avoid. The same type of hard Brexit that the majority of experts told us would be catastrophic.

The future if you don't stand up.

The future if you don’t stand up.

Let’s face it, those of us supporting independence in 2014 have been proved correct.

Had we voted yes then we may well have had to buckle our belts, but at least we would be in control of our own destiny. At least we would have a country that was heading in a direction that most of us could stomach.

Due to the obvious mess we are in the message from the unionists has now changed. They no longer talk of equality and being a family of nations. Most of them don’t want to leave the EU either. Warnings of the evils of nationalism look ridiculous in the face of the Rule Britannia rhetoric coming out of Downing Street.

Most unionists agree that Brexit is a disaster but they say that it will be even worse if we go it alone.

Their 2014 vow has shattered and now they only have the negativity and fear. Scotland, to them, is unique among developed nations in that it is incapable of running its own affairs. The likes of Dugdale and Rennie would rather see UKIP run every foreigner out of an isolated, failed Britain that have a bash at running Scotland for themselves. They think this in the same week that three Scots have won the nobel prize in two different scientific disciplines.

Donate a small amount for new indy media

Donate a small amount for new indy media

That’s why we keep hearing that England is our biggest trading partner, that we will have to adopt the euro if we leave, that our budget deficit is insurmountable and that we would have less power independent in the EU than we do as dependants of the UK.

These arguments are akin to telling someone to stay with an unfaithful partner on account that they still bring home a good wage. Anyone who thinks that is a good idea is welcome to go down with the sinking ship. Anyone with an inch of backbone, ambition, morality and vision, please stand up and don’t let Scotland be dragged into the darkness. Or will you just shut up and eat your cereal?

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