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It looks like the ‘Brexiteer Bastards’ are in control

At the start of the General Election campaign, we found it interesting that Ruth Davidson argued that the ‘Brexiteer Bastards’ within her own party were the ones putting the success of Brexit at risk.

She argued that May needed to return a much larger majority in order not to be held hostage by these hard-line Brexiteers.

It allows a very small cohort of people to influence the debate in a way that might be unrepresentative of a wider Conservative party and wider mood within the country. I think if the party is returned with a healthier majority, it gives her(Theresa May) the freedom to make decisions in the best interests of the country without having to pay a penalty in terms of people within either the Conservative Party or outwith trying to put undue pressure on her.

So, given the 2017 General Election result didn’t quite go to plan for the Tories, it would be fair to say that Ruth Davidson feels that they are not in a position to get a good deal for the UK.

Now they don’t have a majority at all and will be backed up by the likes of the Euro skeptic DUP.

Davidson, who argued against Brexit before it happened due to the dire consequences of leaving the EU, now feels we don’t have much hope of even making the most of a bad situation.

Although, no doubt she and the media will be too busy spinning the SNP majority in Scotland as a blow to independence to even bring this inconvenient and pertinent information up.

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