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Ruth Davidson’s extreme Brexiteers

Everyone is probably now aware that 60 Tory extreme Brexiteers sent a letter to the Theresa May basically trying to blackmail her into negotiating a hard-Brexit.

May has a tiny majority in Parliament so the letter was designed to remind her that majority is in jeopardy unless she completely breaks away from any EU rules and regulations. A move that practically every economist thinks will be a complete disaster for the economy.

From a Scottish perspective, the interesting thing about the letter is that three Tory MPs signed it.

That’s three Tory MPs from remain voting constituencies who are openly defying the position of their wee boss Ruth Davidson, in order to blackmail their big boss Theresa May.

These three Tory MPs are:

  • Stephen Kerr MP who won the Stirling election by just 148 votes in the last General Election. Stirling was estimated to have voted 68 percent to remain in the EU.
  • Colin Clark MP who narrowly beat Alex Salmond to win the Gordon constituency last year. Gordon voted 56 percent to remain in the EU.
  • Alistair Jack MP for Dumfries and Galloway whose constituents also voted 55 percent to stay in the EU.

Three MPs willing to ignore the wishes and wellbeing of their constituents on a major issue for reasons of extreme ideology. Three MPs with no qualms about embarrassing their leader in Scotland and blackmailing their boss in Westminster.

That’s what you get for voting Tory.

UPDATE: There are now 4 as Ross Thomson has joined the other three.

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