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Ruth Davidson’s anti-democratic rhetoric is dangerous and hypocritical

Yesterday Ruth Davidson is on record stating that even if the SNP won a majority in the General Election there would be no mandate for independence.

She is kinda right there as the mandate comes from Holyrood but sadly she doesn’t respect that mandate either. Which is weird given that she has ran her local, Holyrood and now Westminster campaigns on the subject of avoiding independence.

I can understand why Ruth Davidson and many Scots don’t want to have a second independence referendum. It must be a horrible thought for those who support the union.

What I don’t understand is why she and many others take this further and want to subvert democracy in order to avoid one. I say this as someone who is vehemently against most Tory policy but thinks that this policy should still go ahead. I think this because I believe in democracy and I think that despite of all its flaws we don’t have a better system available.

The Scottish Parliament has a very proportional voting system and the Scottish Parliament voted to hold a second independence referendum. It’s as simple as that.

There is no better of fairer way to make a decision like this. Yet, Davidson and Dugdale are happy to shift the goalposts of democracy. They are happy to use convoluted reasoning to try to justify why a majority decision in a proportional parliament shouldn’t be valid.

This is sad because they are leaders and have much influence. It is dangerous for them to legitimise undemocratic views and to marginalise the parliament they sit in.

I have seen their views mirrored by many members of the public.

I was bemused about this so a wee while back I decided to ask a mixed online forum if any unionists would back the right to hold a referendum even if they didn’t agree with it in principle. I got 190 comments and not one unionist argued that the referendum should go ahead to uphold democracy.

Their replies all tried to justify why the vote in the Scottish Parliament is less valid than some convoluted other method of divining public opinion. All of their reasoning would break any democratic system in the world.

I can’t be alone in finding this dangerous and disturbing? If we don’t respect the decisions of our proportionally elected parliament even when we don’t like them then we are on a slippery slope to authoritarianism.

Ruth Davidson, the key cheerleader for subverting democracy knows the dangers. In fact she is being a total hypocrite on this issue.

She is on record as stating that a majority in the Scottish parliament is enough for a referendum. No caveats, no alternative methods of working out what the people want, no subversion of democracy.

Here it is plain as day.

Of course, there is an argument that Ruth and the many others like her could use instead of tying themselves in knots using anti-democratic reasoning.

They could just say that the will of the Scottish Parliament is subservient to the will of Westminster. This is factually true but they avoid it because they know that it winds Scottish people up the wrong way. The truth is avoided as it gets to the heart of why we need independence.

Instead they are content to look like hypocrites and wanna be dictators.

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