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David Mundell located a fortnight after Brexit leak

Finally, a journalist has been able to locate Scottish Secretary David Mundell to ask him about the leaked Brexit impact papers.

STV Borders asked him about the leak which suggested that the Scottish economy would be badly hit by all forms of Brexit.

Sadly, even though he has had a fortnight to think of a good answer his response isn’t very reassuring.

He deflects when he was asked if he lied when he previously said there were no impact papers. Then he argues that the papers, produced by the Civil Service, don’t reflect the type of Brexit the Prime Minister envisages.

To be fair, that’s true, as the Brexit the PM envisages is a complete fantasy. The leaked papers, which were in line with pretty much all other assessments, including the Scottish Government’s were based on reality.

The only potential benefit he seems to be able to think of is that our fishermen might do better after we leave the EU. Even though I seriously doubt fishermen will be better off, that is hardly going to console the vast majority of the country who don’t actually work in that industry.

It’s a desperate performance and he clearly doesn’t believe what he is saying. He knows Brexit is going to hurt Scotland but he is toeing the party line at all costs.

Check out the film and let us know what you think below.

If the video doesn’t appear(seems to be playing up) you can view the original here.

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John King
John King
6 years ago

Watch his eyes…..shifty…..he didn’t have any answers…

6 years ago

I thought he should have been pressed on the issue more given its importance, piss poor from Mundell of course. poor from the interviewer as well.

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