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A meaningless meaningful Brexit vote in parliament

A lot has been made about MPs being given a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal.

Of course, those who have been paying attention know that the word meaningful is actually meaningless in this context. If MPs vote against the Brexit deal, Brexit will carry on regardless. The meaningful vote might actually make things worse in that it may lead to a situation where Brexit carries on without a deal at all.

Yesterday, the minister in charge of Brexit, David Davis, confirmed that this so-called meaningful vote was pointless. Click on this one minute video to see him confirm Brexit will proceed regardless of what parliament thinks.

Now, this should really annoy both sides of the Brexit debate.

Remainers will obviously not be happy that there is nothing parliament can do to minimise the damage they perceive Brexit will do to the economy. Leavers should also be annoyed because one of their main reasons for voting for Brexit was to restore sovereignty to parliament.

Davis is saying, Brexit is going to proceed regardless of the deal and there is nothing parliament can do about it. Is this really what leavers wanted when they spoke about ‘taking back control’? Brexit at all costs, with no option to turn back if it doesn’t turn out to be what they expected?

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