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Majority of Scots in favour of holding indyref2

The latest Survation poll on behalf of the Scottish Daily Mail suggests that support for independence is as strong as ever.


The poll is quite positive for supporters of Scottish independence as it asked:

If there was a referendum tomorrow with the question ‘Should Scotland be an Independent country?’, how would you vote?

The emphasis on the word tomorrow is important. Many people who said No, or who are undecided, may be willing to vote Yes in the future depending on the outcome of the Brexit talks. At the moment, there is no clarity as to what people would be voting for or against as neither side’s future relationship with Europe is known. People are just waiting to see how the cards fall at the moment.

What is even more positive is that the poll also showed that a majority of Scots favour holding an independence referendum in the near future.

When asked:

When, if at all, do you think there should be a second Scottish Independence Referendum?

55 percent would like to see indyref2 held in the next few years. Only 37 percent of people said one should never be held. This disproves the rhetoric from the likes of May, Dugdale and Davidson who repeat the mantra that Scots don’t want a second vote.


I guess we can write off that 37 percent as not likely to ever vote for Scottish independence.

The others are all potential Yes voters depending on what happens with the Brexit negotiations and what the prospectus is for Scottish independence.

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6 years ago

encouraging but just a poll. Surprised as many as 37% would never vote for it. Surely British nationalism isn’t as strong as that? Maybe some of the people who live in Scotland think that they would never vote for it under current circumstances of perhaps they are convinced we will never have a viable country. There would be a generational thing on the go as well

Bernard McCourt
Bernard McCourt
6 years ago

Far in Heart as well as Country but not for Blood or Soil Listen to me, as when ye heard our father Sing long ago, the song of other shores; Listen to me, and then in chorus gather All your deep voices, as ye pull your oars. Chorus: Fair these broad meads, these hoary woods are grand, They’d have us exiles deep within our father’s land. II From the lone shieling of the misty isle Mountains divide us, and the waste of seas; Yet still the blood is strong, the heart is Highland, And we, in dreams, behold the Hebrides.… Read more »

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