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Majority of Scots favour constitutional change

A new Survation poll,  commisioned by Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, shows that a majority of Scots favour constitutional change.

Although you probably wouldn’t realise this if you failed to read past the headline and opening paragraph of the Scotsman article that covered the poll.

Constitutional change

The actual result of the poll was as follows.

  • Full independence 32%
  • Keeping the current situation 36%
  • Devo-Max 17%
  • Don’t know 16%

Which means that 49 percent of people are not happy with the status quo compared to the 36 percent who are. If you exclude the 16 percent of people who ‘don’t know’, then I make it just under 58 percent of people want change.

Which makes you really wonder about this quote by Adam Tomkins MSP contained in the Scotsman article.

This poll shows that there is no mandate for any more constitutional wrangling.

 Indeed, the highest quantity of respondents clearly endorsed the current constitutional settlement. What all voters want is for the SNP to stop banging on about independence and start improving health and education.

So blinded is he by his ideology, that a poll showing a clear majority is in favour of constitutional wrangling, is portrayed by him as saying the exact opposite. A claim so transparently untrue that it is laughable as well as a little sad.

I can only surmise from this comment that, like many who are against indyref2, Tomkins is not a fan of democracy.

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Robert Graham
Robert Graham
6 years ago

eh just exactly how many people actually cast a vote for Prof two jobs ? . I believe like many others sitting on their fat arses at our expence and always making so much noise are indeed LIST appointments having never went for the real MSPs job most came third – fourth – or even fith in the last vote , the majority of tory MSPs are LIST appointees .

6 years ago
Reply to  Robert Graham

He used to be a left-winger and anti-monarchist as well. I really don’t understand people who can manage to go from one extreme to the other, politics-wise.

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