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Indyref2: Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated

I was apprehensive about Sturgeon’s indyref2 speech.

I feared that putting indyref2 on the back-burner was going to be a grave error. While I still think Sturgeon should have stuck to the original plan, today’s speech was more positive than I had anticipated. The good news is that holding a referendum this Scottish Parliamentary term is still a possibility and still firmly part of her plans.

There is a video of Sturgeon speech below but the jist of it is:

  • Sturgeon thinks that Brexit will be an omnishambles.
  • She confirms there is a clear mandate for indyref2.
  • However, she acknowledges that at the moment, there is no great public thirst for one.
  • She is not going to introduce indyref legislation now, as she had previously planned.
  • Instead she will wait till there is clarity on the Brexit talks before coming back to parliament with a plan. She expects this to be next August.
  • In the meantime she will try to secure the best Brexit deal for Scotland.
  • She will work with the wider independence movement to promote independence.
  • She will look to introduce bold progressive legislation in the Scottish Parliament.

While I wanted her to stay with plan A, I have no major problems with the strategy.

It’s more of a re-branding of plan A than an absolute u-turn. As long as there is time to arrange the indyref before the end of the next parliament I won’t complain. It seems that the timing is the same as it has always been but the process has changed. She has decided to keep her powder dry in the hope that, as the reality of Brexit seeps in, people become more receptive to the need for a choice.

We now have just over a year to make the case for having that choice.

Let us know if you are happy with the new stance in the comments section.

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