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Indyref No Vote about to eject Scotland from the EU

Run For The Hills, We're Doomed

Run For The Hills, We’re Doomed

This week Blair McDougall announced he is jumping from the deck of the Scottish Labour ship he was instrumental in scuttling. It is fitting that this occurred in the same week that successive polls have shown that the UK is quite possibly going to vote to leave the EU. For besides from helping to destroy Scottish Labour, Blair as the director of Better Together, was the prime instigator of Project Fear, the internal nickname for the Unionist campaign designed to scare the living daylights out of anyone who contemplated self determination for Scotland. And one of the key areas of scaremongering was that a vote for independence was a vote to leave the EU and all of the benefits we gain from being part of it.

Go to the Better Together Facebook Page and type the term EU into the search box. You will see page after page of posts from experts and members of the public talking about how they are voting No to Scottish independence in order remain in the EU, frightened at the prospect a Scottish exit would have had on the economy, their security and their sense of identity. The official No Thanks campaign played on those fears even though the EU referendum was just around the corner. The official No Thanks strategy was to play up the surety of union versus the uncertainty of independence.

At the time many supporting independence agreed that there was inherent uncertainty facing Scotland if it was to become an independent country. However, we argued that there was also a similar amount of uncertainty about remaining in the UK. The impending EU referendum result is proof of this. The people of Scotland went for the safe option but it now turns out they made the dangerous choice.

The irony is painful. One of the main reasons we don’t have the sovereignty to choose to to stay in the EU is that many of us voted to remain a part of the UK as we were scared of being ousted from the EU.

Both futures, Yes or No were uncertain but there would have been one key difference; in an independent Scotland the population would have had control over their destiny as opposed to now where we are just passengers on a ship piloted by the whims of our larger neighbour. Just like in UK general elections when Scotland is often lumbered with right wing governments hardly any of us supported, we will now be taken out of the EU against our will.

What will your views on Scottish Indy be post Brexit?

What will your views on Scottish indy be post Brexit?

The question now is, how many of those who played the EU card against the notion of Scottish independence will now change their mind? How easy will the EU make it to facilitate Scotland remaining in the event of a second independence referendum? How many of the businesses who were frightened about being taken out of the common market will promote Scottish independence and talk up relocating head offices to Scotland? How many of those who voted No last time due to uncertainty over EU membership will realise that they were wrong to be scared as uncertainty is one of the few things in life that is certain?

Blair McDougall will be OK. He has control over his own fate. He can lurch from one job to another, a mercenary of manipulation he is available for hire to the highest bidder, gaining job security from possessing the skill to spread insecurity and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. He sees that Labour is doomed so he has taken the initiative and moved to another project. I admire him for having jurisdiction over his own fate.

In the event of a Brexit will those who once believed his scaremongering now do as he has done and grasp the rudders of their own destiny? Will they realise that all options are uncertain but that the solution is to choose the option where we have most control? Our future is not about fleeing from uncertainty to certainty. Post Brexit the decision is about whether you would prefer to live in a country that represents your views, aspirations and ideology or whether you would prefer to go on being a second class citizen in an old, inward looking, undemocratic union that has outlived its purpose.

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