If you want independence, then contact this Guy | Autonomy Scotland

If you want independence, then contact this Guy

Verhofstadt and Sturgeon

Verhofstadt and Sturgeon

Thursday’s announcement that Guy Verhofstadt has been appointed as the European Parliament’s negotiator in the Brexit talks is good news for those wanting to keep Scotland in the EU.

Although the European Parliament will not be responsible for negotiating Brexit, the final deal needs to be ratified by them. This means that Mr Verhofstadt will play a crucial role in the negotiations.

As explained here, it is possible for the article 50 process to be used to keep Scotland in the EU. This requires Scotland to have voted for independence and for the UK to be willing to negotiate these terms.

You could argue that the UK will not negotiate on behalf of Scotland but the UK will not hold all of the cards in these talks. That is where Mr Verhofstadt may be important.

Guy Verhofstadt is on record being sympathetic to the idea of an independent Scotland remaining in the EU without having to reapply.

He feels our pain

He feels our pain

Therefore, I think it is a good idea for as many independence supporters as possible to contact Mr Verhofstadt so that he is aware of how important this issue is for many Scots. I would even encourage non independence supporting remain voters to also contact him to relay what they hope is the best Brexit outcome for them.

Anyway, for those who think this is a good idea I have included his contact details below. Now we just need to get and win a second indyref.


How to contact Guy Verhofstadt

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