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If knowledge is strength, then May is weaker than Sturgeon.

Theresa May wants us to believe that she is strong. However, if you believe knowledge is strength then clearly May is weaker than Sturgeon.

Compare and contrast the Andrew Neil interviews with Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon.

May ignores every question, waffles tangentially for a bit, then tells us about the choice between her (Strong and Stable) and Corbyn (Coalition of Chaos).

As a result she reinforces her key election soundbite multiple times but can’t even tell us how her manifesto pledges will be funded or even admit she made a u-turn on social care. Regardless of the question there is no straight answer.

Sturgeon on the other hand answers a fierce bombardment of questions in plain direct langauge.

Even though most of the interview focuses on devolved issues which have no relevance to the General Election, she takes responsibility for things in Scotland that are not going as well as they could. She comes across well prepared, and has a good understanding of the many stats Andrew Neil uses to try to catch her out.

May’s plan is just to repeat the words Strong and Stable so many times that people come to believe it’s true and to hope nobody notices she can’t back it up.

Strength though, is not just telling people constantly that you are strong. Knowledge is strength and Sturgeon demonstrated this in abundance by displaying a mastery of the topics she was being asked about. She was able to out-manoeuvre Neil without dodging the topic or hiding behind repetitive vapid soundbites.

Check out our blog about how May’s weakness put national security at risk.


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7 years ago

The FM performed magnificently in this interview. I was very impressed.

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