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Great Repeal Bill: Labour must secure a meaningful Brexit veto

Today the government published the Great Repeal Bill.

This is the act that will be used to repeal the European Communities Act. Essentially it is the bill that will replace EU law with UK law as we leave the EU.

We have pointed out that the bill, in its current form is grossly undemocratic. It gives the government too much power with too little oversight. From the point of view of Scotland, it gives the UK government the power to change Scottish Law without debate as well as pilfer powers that the Scottish Parliament already holds.

The Government only has a small majority and it will only take a few Tory rebels to block the bill if it is not reformed.

Today, Labour has announced that they won’t support the Bill unless there are changes in six areas.

I will get to the elephant in the room in a second but if Labour can alter the Bill in these areas then that should be welcome.

Lab’s Great Repeal Bill changes.

While I would love Labour to succeed with the above, here is the problem.

The most important thing that Labour can do is to secure Parliament a meaningful veto on the final deal. As we explained in a previous blog, the Great Repeal Bill gives Theresa May the power to leave the EU with no deal at all if parliament rejects the one she negotiates.

Excerpt from our previous blog.

Labour’s six red lines are laudable and they should help soften the Tory stance.

However, from today’s statement, it is unclear if Labour are willing to give Parliament the ultimate veto to reject a bad Brexit deal and still remain in the EU. If Labour doesn’t amend the clause that gives May the ultimate power to leave the EU, then there is a very real possibility of the UK walking over a Brexit cliff edge.

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