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Gordon Brown calls for Home Rule 2 years after promising us it

Brown: Delivering Home Rule twice.

Brown: Delivering Home Rule twice.

Just a very short one dealing with two things that have happened this afternoon.

First off, Gordon Brown has been reanimated in order to perform his Home Rule speech one last time. He delivered it first two years ago with such gravitas and conviction that I presumed we already had it. However, it appears that he popped up this time last year to explain that he was betrayed by the nasty Tories and it didn’t all pan out the way he promised. Now he is back to suggest that Home Rule would be the best solution for Scotland in order to resolve the Brexit crisis.

The problem with the new announcement is similar to the problem with old one, but more obvious this time:

Gordon Brown Has No Power To Deliver Anything

Previously he did have slightly more credibility in that he was doing the bidding of those who did wield power, although anyone with half a brain realised then that he was being set up by the establishment. This time he has no control over our fate at all. Maybe Home Rule is the best option for Scotland but unless someone who is actually in a position to deliver is talking it up then I wouldn’t get too excited.

Are Lab Showing their true colours?

Are Lab Showing Their True Colours?

Another thing that happened today is that Scottish Labour hired the political editor of the Scottish Daily Mail as their communications director. Now, you might be wondering why Scottish Labour, who claim to be a socialist party, are hiring such a promoter of conservative values at the same time as openly stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back? They were caught in no-mans land at the recent Holyrood elections with the SNP sweeping up the broadly left-wing nationalist vote and the Conservatives bagging the broadly right-wing unionist vote. Maybe the appointment of Alan Roden is a sign of which direction they intend to swing?

For me it is a sign of something far more frightening. The appointment highlights the cliquey little Holyrood circle that has grown quickly since the inception of the parliament. The three main parties now have former Daily Mail journalists as communications directors. Call me old fashioned but I would rather see journalists working as the ‘Fourth Estate’ rather than flitting in and out of politics. It’s the same with the whole political system. Lobbyists, politicians, journalists and civil servants seem to have interchangeable careers. Which is why when the BBC do an hour long investigation into PFI, as they did last week, they fail to mention the name of the political party that popularised the scheme. 

Holyrood is not as corrupt yet as Westminster but our chummy politicos are fast catching up. We could have done with proper independent journalists two years ago when Gordon Brown was first talking about Home Rule. Instead, the famous vow he delivered was written by journalists and broadcast without scrutiny.

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Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz
7 years ago

Away and raffle your doughnuts, Mr Broon!

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