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Douglas Ross ditches WASPI pledge merely days after election

You’ve probably heard of Douglas Ross.

He is the only Tory with more jobs than George Osborne. He was until recently simultaneously a local councillor and an MSP. He made the news by missing important political duties when he was abroad officiating at Champions League football matches.

Still, can’t be too hard on the guy, he was only using those jobs as a springboard to real power.

And get elected to Westminster he did. Mostly by doing his best to distance himself from Tory policy while banging on about preventing indyref2. Here he is campaigning against a Tory policy with a lady from the Moray branch of Women Against State Pension Inequality(WASPI).

WASPI Pledge

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At first, I thought this photo was maybe a bit of a setup.

Maybe the lady caught him unawares and took the photo before he realised what was going on. Turns out that could not be further from the truth. Douglas Ross signed a pledge to help Moray based WASPI women and he made a big deal about how he was doing so against party orders.

There were several local newspaper articles about it including this one published just before the election.

He is quoted as saying.

I have previously met the group locally and attend the Cross-Party Group in The Scottish Parliament. If elected to represent Moray at Westminster I welcome the opportunity to join an all-party group of MP’s and work alongside colleagues to help achieve a fairer arrangement for all those women who were born in the 1950’s and have been affected by the changes to the state pension. I believe the best way to effect change is from within and that is why I am keen to support the WASPI group in Moray as a strong local voice at the heart of government in Westminster.

However, less than a month into the new job he has failed to support this Early Day Motion.

That this House believes it has a moral duty to ensure that there is a fair transition for women born on or after 6 April 1951 regarding their pensions; recognises the need for a non-means tested bridging pension that will secure the financial stability of those affected by the 1995 and 2011 Pension Acts and compensation for those at risk of losing in the region of £45,000, creating a fairer pension system for all; and calls on the Government to bring forward transitional arrangements to provide pension certainty for the women disproportionately affected by this system.

Perhaps he was refereeing? Oh well, hopefully, he is as incompetent when it comes to his main policy which is avoiding indyref2.

I’ll leave you with a video from yesterday of someone who actually did sign the petition and who does help the WASPI women.

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7 years ago

Absolutely no surprise there. Typical Tory, typical unionist. Scotland and her punters are there to provide them with a platform for their own advancement. I hope the women in Moray take note.

George Paterson
7 years ago

Every supporter of Independence should join any outlet to expose the Tories for what they are and what they mean for Scotland. More cut backs, more loss of human resources from the EU, more power for Rupert Murdoch and his cromies, more suffering from the Brexiteers….the list gets bigger by the day!

7 years ago

Typical Tory, yet another U-Turn……….

George Paterson
7 years ago

A glowing example of a Caring, Compassionate Conservative” All those who voted No in ’14 and gave this “Honourable Memeber”(?) their votes this year should hang their heads in shame. Never trust a Tory!

3 years ago

I thought Ross supported and voted with the Waspi Women.

3 years ago

I thought Ross supported the Waspi Women

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