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Davidson’s victory slams brakes on Macron’s French juggernaut

Ruth Davidson has put a stop to Emmanuel Macron’s divisive plans with an emphatic victory in the French Presidential Race.

Davidson, who wasn’t even standing in the election and as such didn’t receive any votes still managed to vanquish all other candidates as the results clearly show.

French Presidential Result

Despite receiving the majority of votes, a dejected Macron called Davidson to concede after reading about his humiliating defeat in the Scottish press. The defiant presidential hopeful has vowed to fight on and is determined to win next time by reducing his popularity.


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Davidson’s stunning victory makes it clear that the French public do not want to proceed with Macron’s divisive plan of remaining in the EU.

Davidson has confirmed that she will follow up on her pledge to make France a part of a post-Brexit UK.

This extraordinary achievement comes just days after Davidson’s party was declared victorious in the Scottish Local Elections after winning just over one fifth of the seats. She managed this Triumph despite being hamstrung by the divisive SNP who ended up with 155 more seats than her party.

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With these two stunning conquests under her belt Davidson is confident the Scottish Conservatives will win June’s snap election.

It is suspected that she will pick up one or two extra seats, taking her party to a whopping 3 Scottish seats in total. A glorious success that will send a clear message to the Nats that Scots are ecstatic about leaving the EU and that they don’t want a divisive second independence referendum.

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