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Davidson urged to halt ‘Shameful Cyberbrit Abuse’ (NSFW)

Ruth Davidson has been urged to control supporters of the union after it has emerged that her followers constantly subject Nicola Sturgeon to Shameful Cyberbrit Abuse.

An investigation by Scottish Labour has discovered thousands of tweets demonising  Nicola Sturgeon.

Many of these tweets abuse the appearance of the First Minister.

Some of them fantasise about committing violence upon her.

Often that violence is of a sexual nature.

Sometimes people make fun of tragic events in her life.

Although the hatred contained in some tweets does come across as more informed.


What comes as a shock though is that of the thousands of tweets we have uncovered that abuse the First Minister the vast majority have not been sent by vile nationalists. In fact they were sent mainly by those who profess to support the union.

A spokesperson for Nicola Sturgeon was shocked when we presented her with this dossier.

This is truly shocking news. Until now, having read the newspaper cybernat scandals and being keen followers of the twitter feed of JK Rowling, we were convinced that the abuse problem was solely coming from our side. It appears this could not be further from the truth.

Just as we are clearly responsible for the behaviour of every nationalist and his dog on Twitter, Ruth Davidson must take full responsibility for this Shameful Cyberbrit Abuse.


We tried to contact Ruth Davidson to get her to justify these tweets but she was busy preparing for a rodeo.

However, an unnamed source close to her, did confide off the record that they believe that these tweets emanate from fake twitter accounts set up by cybernats, in order to tarnish the unionist campaign.

The source explained:

Nationalism is a divisive and evil phenomenon which generates this type of abuse. Nationalism is unique among words in that it only has one meaning and that meaning is always ugly. However, as supporting the union is not nationalism, one can only assume this abuse stems from independence supporters masquerading as normal people.


Our own investigation suggests otherwise and shows that these tweets do come from genuine supporters of the union.

We believe that the phenomenon has been hidden in the past due to the propensity of Sturgeon and other nationalists not to adopt the typical approach of their rivals. Sturgeon has somehow resisted the urge to flounce off twitter, eschewing the chance to write a column about how hurt and offended she is.

Whatever the source of the Shameful Cyberbrit Abuse, it certainly leaves a black stain on Scottish public life. Not only does this bring into question the motives of the millions of people who want to keep the UK together. This previously hidden phenomenon also raises some serious questions about the leadership skills of Ruth Davidson.

If she can’t control the behaviour of deranged strangers on the internet, can we really trust her?

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