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Conversation With Patrick Grady

Mairi and I went along to discuss the General Election with SNP National Secretary Patrick Grady. He is the SNP candidate for North Glasgow. We went to discuss the results of a survey we at Common Weal North Glasgow ran. You can see details of the Survey here. I hope you find the chat interesting. We also hope to talk to Ann Mckechin soon to get answers to the same questions from a Labour perspective. We discuss many things including the NHS, Trident, Benefits, Tax Avoidance and Constitutional change.



We mention CommonFest at the start of the audio. A night of music, comedy and spoken word in one of the city’s best-loved venues: The Queen Margaret Union at Glasgow University on 17/04/2015. Highlights include Elaine C. Smith, Alasdair Gray, Robin McAlpine, RM Hubbert, David MacGregor from indie-favourites Kid Canaveral and Loki. There are a limited number of tickets still available and can be purchased here.

The MP3 of this recording can be downloaded by right clicking here and selecting save link as. And you can listen in podcast form by searching Autonomy Scotland on your podcast player.

Music: One  by Sanxion7.

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