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Binding Brexit vote is a sham

I notice that the government is making a big deal about the fact MPs are going to get a vote on the final Brexit deal.

Thing is, the vote offered by David Davis is meaningless.

It doesn’t cover a No Deal situation.

As things stand, Brexit is going to happen regardless of whether parliament likes the deal or not. All this means is that if MPs don’t agree to what the government negotiates with the EU, the Government will ensure they get a No-deal Brexit instead.

Let’s think about that for a second. The option parliament has is to accept the deal negotiated by a bunch of hard-Brexiteers or to resign themselves to something even worse.

So much for restoring the sovereignty of parliament.

The government is trying to set up a future bribe and also attempting to prevent parliament from giving itself a consequential vote.

Anyway, a while back we talked about one thing that Labour could do to ensure a meaningful Brexit vote.

A meaningful Brexit vote being one that can stop Brexit from happening if it is clear that it is going to be a disaster.

In the coming months, there will be a bill put through parliament that will give Theresa May the power to repeal the European Communities Act. That bill will contain a clause that will give May the power to execute the repeal at the time of her choosing.

Essentially, if Labour allows this to pass they will lose the ability to meaningfully reject a bad Brexit. As such, Labour should try to amend May’s clause so that Parliament has to consent to repeal the act. In this way, it becomes possible to stop a bad deal without ending up with no deal at all.

Well, amendments to that Bill are set to be discussed this week which is why the Tories are offering the half-baked compromise above.

Over 100 amendments have been put forward by various MPs.

Many of those amendments could give parliament a meaningful vote unlike the distraction being promoted by David Davis today.

We will be eagerly watching to see if parliament, particularly the Labour party, can do its job and make one of the amendments stick.

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