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And Scottish Labour wonders why few of us vote for them?

Scottish Labour is a bit like the England international football team. Everyone knows what’s wrong except for the people in charge. In short, they have no philosophy, no organisation, no leadership and no direction.

When you get such a long term rudderless mess of a party you get YouGov polls like yesterday’s which shows traditional Labour voters prefer Ruth Davidson to Kezia Dugdale.

Salad is more popular in Scotland than Kezia Dugdale

Salad is more popular in Scotland than Kezia Dugdale

Anyway, I was just going to ignore that poll. We have talked about what’s wrong with Labour a few times before, and I’m bored of kicking a dog when it’s down. I was going to ignore it until Dugdale and rent-a-quote Baillie published a report entitled “A Post Brexit Action Plan For Scotland’s Jobs and Economy”. I read it in about ten minutes as it is only 6 pages long.

Now, I have no problem with the ideas in the action plan. They are the kind of ideas that any Higher Modern Studies or Economics student might come up with.

They are ideas of how to use Scotland’s limited economic levers to try to curb the damage we are seeing post Brexit. All very laudable. The problem with the report, and the problem with Scottish Labour is that the report has nothing to say on what Labour thinks about Scotland’s position within the EU. The report might as well have been six pages of diagrams detailing Jackie Baillie giving Kezia Dugdale a shunty onto the fence she has been wedged on top of for over a month.

The reason that Dugdale is not as popular as Davidson and Sturgeon is that nobody knows where she stands on things. This has never been more obvious in the aftermath of Brexit. We know that Davidson would stay in the UK even if it became clear that all babies would be impaled on spikes post Brexit. We know that Sturgeon would prefer to leave even if Arthur’s seat started erupting again on the eve of a second independence referendum.


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What this report doesn’t say is exactly what we need to hear from Scottish Labour. We want to know what they want for Scotland constitutionally post Brexit. How they intend to argue for this. What they plan to do if it becomes clear that they won’t get what they want. We want to know if they would ever support independence and what their red line is for doing so.

The longer they remain on the fence the worse their popularity will become.

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