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A long list of Tory misbehaviour

In the last few weeks, the Labour party has ended its truce and entered into civil war mode again.

The latest skirmishes have focused on anti-Semitism within the party. When you look at the evidence it is true that they do have a problem. Although, it could be argued that these issues are not unique to Labour and are representative of society as a whole.

What is clear is that there has been an overreaction to the problem.

The allegations are being used as a stick to beat Corbyn with by those within his own party that oppose him, and by the mainstream media. I say that as someone who is not a fan of Corbyn as any regular reader will be aware. The most popular blog I’ve ever written was one advising Scottish people not to vote for him.

What has been remarkable about the visceral coverage has been the lack of interest in the behaviour of other political parties.

As this extensive list shows, the Conservative Party has a much bigger problem with regards to the behaviour of its member than Labour. This list compiled by Matt Thomas, detailing misogyny, racism, corruption and misanthropy is so extensive that it’s hard to get to the bottom of it. Damning as it is, I don’t think you will be seeing the Tories destroy themselves over it and I’m pretty sure you won’t see a report about it in the mainstream media.

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