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We are all just #OrdinaryScots4Indy


Images via @Defiaye

Some sections of the media attempt to paint the Yes movement in an unfavourable light based on the behaviour of a small minority.

You don’t have to look far for lots and lots and lots of examples of this. Whereas the many examples from the other side of the debate are likely to get given a free pass.

Recently we have talked about how the Yes movement is diverse, open and outward looking. We have talked about how it is defined by civic, not ethnic nationalism. We have talked about how the nasty side of the independence movement has been blown out of proportion. We have shown that many people who have moved from No to Yes are attracted to the inclusive nature of the movement.

Seems like other people within the movement are similarly frustrated by a perceived lack of fair coverage. Riled by a condescending article in the Economist they have been tweeting using the hashtags


Reading those tweets does highlight how normal(in a good sense) the bulk of independence supporters really are. The cybernats do exist but they are the exception not the rule.

If you are an ordinary Scot for indy why not leave a comment or send a tweet yourself using the hashtags.

I’ll leave you with some of my favourites.

Cover image via @Defiaye



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Oor Hergé d\'Oui
Oor Hergé d\'Oui
7 years ago

Cover image by @Defiaye not @Defieye – otherwise excellent.

7 years ago

56, wife of almost 30 years, seven weans, full-time school teacher. Defiaye! Deffo! 100%! It’s the only thing that adds up. I want, my children want, a greater say in the direction of Scotland. Harnessed to WM that just is not possible. I raised my kids to be independent. It’s what you do. The most natural thing in the world.

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