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Ruth, no valid Brexit enquiry would preemptively rule out indy

Stronger Buffaloes for Union Party

Stronger Buffaloes for Union Party

No doubt because they feel a bit guilty for causing the Brexit crisis, the Scottish Tories announced that they are going to formulate a plan for Scotland to make the most of a bad situation.

In order to do this they have assembled an extremely representative team of out of touch, rich, white, middle aged males. This exciting announcement was made by Ruth Davidson on one of the rare occasions she wasn’t straddling a symbol of virility (she also had a wee customary dig at Surgeon’s independence plans):

The First Minister tried to use the vote to create a bow wave surge for independence. It hasn’t worked but I don’t think the SNP will stop trying. And sadly, in our judgement, the push for separation will continue to be the main priority for the SNP Government as we head into Brexit discussions – and not the best interests of Scotland and the United Kingdom. So while I will continue to support the Scottish Government’s involvement in Brexit discussions, I am also announcing today that the Scottish Conservatives will form our own expert group to assess the risks and opportunities of Brexit for Scotland.

I’m all for looking into the best way forward but what type of legitimate analysis would rule out a viable option from the off?

Surely it would make more sense to rule it out after the experts consider it, deploying what enlightened people have come to know as reason and evidence? That said, Ruth does care about Scotland. She must do, she wears a bearskin and pipes a highland lament in order to pacify bemused cattle before clambering atop them for photo-shoots.

Luckily, she explained her thinking:

We believe that Scotland’s interests are not served by constantly trying to pick apart the United Kingdom. We believe that Scotland’s best interests are served by ensuring the strength and durability of the entire United Kingdom of which we are a key part.

The pied piper of Unionists

The pied piper of Unionists

A “belief”, why have experts evaluate things when you are prepared to exclude reasonable options on the basis of belief?

With that mindset there is no point forming a taskforce in the first place. You might as well save us all time and say you believe that Brexit offers up a great opportunity put G4S in charge of heart surgery and that it will make it easier to build a giant catapult in order to propel the disabled into the North Sea.

At least the SNP are keeping all options open. They obviously want independence, the clue is in the name of the party, but they know that most independence supporters don’t want it at all costs.

Any investigation worth its salt should not rule out a viable solution based on belief.

That’s the type of thinking that leads people to believe that the government are using chemtrails in order to control our minds or that the royal family are actually reptilian aliens in human skin suits.

Our ancestors believed that the world was flat, that earth was the centre of the universe and that Jimmy Saville was a suitable person to host children’s television. We probably still would think these things if we adopted the Tory approach to researching the best options for our future.

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